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Audaces Fortuna Iuvat.

As the Roman poet Vergilius already said "Fortune favours the bold". Dare to change and do not stay on beaten tracks to infinity. These are the pillars on which ManWard is built and where we can help and assist you. We are aware of the trends and distinct hypes from realistic development.

Down-to-earth way of thinking, creativity and smart implementations is our credo.

Our services

IT Management

ManWard has extensive experience with various disiplines of Management. We are used to operate on C-level but are also operating at the workplace to give direction to your business processes. Substantive knowledge is our strength that can be used strategically and tactically within your organization.

Are you looking for someone who can help you with growth or a change in your organization, then we can fill in your needs.

IT Architecture

The success of IT stands or falls with a correctly chosen structure. It should be as simple as possible, but not too simple. Often the type and size of the organization influences the architecture to be chosen. It is therefore true that an architecture is also subject to change.

ManWard can support you in making the right choices and can develop, implement and monitor the IT architecture for you.

Software Development

Software development is a "craftsmanship". This is often underestimated, resulting in expectations that are not fulfilled. Good management, excelent people and realistic objectives are important to realize a product that meets your expectations.

We can help you with setting up a team, initiate the process, help with the management or monitor the objectives.


Are you in your comfort zone? Nevertheless, it is advisable to regularly review the organization itself. What developments are there in the market? Do they fit with your organization? What are the alternatives.

With experience in various branches, within small and medium sized organisations as with multinationals, we can review your vision through a number of sessions and give you clarity and new insights into the subjects that require your attention.


Testdorp is a completely virtual municipality. Testdorp is an initiative of ManWard that helps with challenges concerning privacy legislation.

The residents of Testdorp are qualitatively and nearly not distinguishable from reality, but are not real people. The (personal) data of our residents can be used in all kinds of situations where you can not or do not want to use real personal data.

Created in 2015, Testdorp gives a refreshing look at privacy and helps organizations to comply with the European GDPR.

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Savant is a subsidiary organization that offers solutions for planning and reservations within the recreation sector.

A product has been developed for this purpose, which helps campgrounds, hotels and bed & breakfasts to reserve their guests.

The offers itinerant tourists the possibility to book a complete roundtrip that fits their wishes and seamlessly connect the different locations.

Contact info:
Address:Kwaalburg 19, 5131NC  Alphen, The Netherlands
Phone:+31 13 508 63 00